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Smart, scalable EV charging
for professionals

DejaBlue manages the entire electrification process for you, prioritizing efficiency and transparency.
Equip your site almost as fast as pressing the "Buy Now" button.

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We Deliver End to End 


Technical assessment of site capabilities

Charger installation

Management of access control, pricing, and payments

Energy management  Predictive maintenance

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Scalable charging installations at controlled costs

  • Designed specifically to meet each customer's needs
  • Dynamic power management to optimize charge distribution
  • Minimized installation costs via modular infrastructure and load balancing

A simple and seamless user experience

  • Streamlined and easy-to-use charging experience
  • Responsive customer support
  • High reliability - 99+% uptime
  • A simple and intuitive online management tool, facilitating access management and pricing
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Intelligent energy management

  • Real-time monitoring of your electricity consumption
  • Optimization of your electricity bill through an intelligent charging schedule management (e.g., peak/off-peak hours)
  • Integration with solar and on-site batteries
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Charging made easy


How EV charging was meant to be

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