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Client Case Study:
Large-scale professional EV charging at Emil Frey


Name of client

Emil Frey

Emil Frey Picture_edited.jpg
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Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône (95)

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Ev chargers onsite



Project goals

Installation of a supervision and monetization solution

Emil Frey

Historically, Emil Frey France began its operations by importing British and Japanese car brands in 1970. Remaining true to its roots, Emil Frey France is today the official importer of Mitsubishi and Subaru in France, also providing their after-sales service.


Emil Frey decided to partner with DejaBlue at the beginning of 2024 to oversee the charging stations at its historic site in Saint Ouen l’Aumône (France). This site houses an office complex, a repair techniques training center, and an automotive workshop.

As of now, Emil Frey has 50 chargers at the Saint-Ouen site. Most of the chargers are 22 kW ABB AC Terra chargers used by employees and tenants. The workshop is equipped with 50 kW DC chargers used for vehicle preparation before delivery.

Our intervention

The charging stations installed in 2022 were not internet-connected, and only a few had MID meters, which are mandatory for billing energy usage in Europe. The implementation of DejaBlue’s supervision solution took place in three stages:

  1. Replacement of 10 chargers with new models equipped with MID meters to allow billing for visitor charging.

  2. Creation of a secure and independent WiFi network to connect all the site’s stations. This was considered the most effective option given the site’s configuration and the lack of network cables (Ethernet), which would have made creating a LAN network costly.

  3. Configuration of the charging stations to communicate with the DejaBlue supervision system and onboarding of the site’s 300 employees.

The implementation of DejaBlue’s supervision solution now allows the site manager to control access to the stations with a breakdown of charges per tenant and individual user. Charging across the entire site consumes an average of 2,000 kWh per week.


Access to the fast chargers, which were previously available for free, is now limited to workshop members. The DejaBlue charging app allows technicians to charge vehicles with a predefined amount of energy, saving them time and money.


The site now has a paid charging station for visitors equipped with MID meters. Visitors can access the charging service by scanning a QR code and can charge their vehicles with just a few clicks.


We are here to help at each step of the process.

From working with you to define your electrification needs to handling the installation
process and ongoing charger management, we've got you covered.

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