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Client Case Study: IESEG School of Management
equipped with 24 supervised chargers


Name of client

IÉSEG School of Management

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Ev chargers onsite



Project goals

Installation of a supervision and monetization solution

IÉSEG School of Management

A top French Grande École, IÉSEG ranks among the best Business Schools and aims to train actors of change for a better society, contributing to the development of responsible, innovative, and humanistic businesses in an international context.

In addition to its Paris campus, IÉSEG has continually developed its historic Lille campus, notably with the opening of the new Vauban building in 2024: 12,000 m² dedicated to education.

IÉSEG chose DejaBlue to oversee the 20 newly installed charging points in the Vauban building, as well as to expand and optimize the charging stations in the Village building, for a total of 24 charging points dedicated to professors and staff. On paper, the configuration of these chargers was challenging to manage:

  • Underground installation without cellular network for users

  • Restricted use of chargers to a known group of users accessing the charging services via badge

  • Chargers not connected to the internet

Our intervention

We started by connecting the 20 charging points in the Vauban building to the DejaBlue supervision software by creating a dedicated internet network for more security.

To offer a simple experience integrated into the daily lives of IÉSEG professors and staff, we created user accounts linked to the university badges already used to access the various buildings. The university badges are then linked to a payment method (bank card) to allow for charging billing. This solution enables IÉSEG to monetize its charging stations even underground, in the absence of a mobile network.

Following our intervention, the chargers, access control, and billing of charges are now operational for all members of the educational community, and many users charge their vehicles daily.

In addition to being able to use the badge to start charging, the DejaBlue app allows users to monitor and stop the charge remotely and to view their charging history.


We are here to help at each step of the process.

From working with you to define your electrification needs to handling the installation
process and ongoing charger management, we've got you covered.

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